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A-Life is a captivating blend of video and radio entertainment thoughtfully curated for those with memory loss, serving as a valuable resource for memory-care activity directors & nurses in residential facilities.

A-Life is a fresh face in the health and wellness industry, offering a unique blend of entertainment and therapeutic tools for Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers. Our service, A-Life Channel, provides soothing, research-based videos and music, designed with specific frequencies to enhance cognition and calm. We stand out with our ad-free content and a free 24/7 radio station. We’re here to make a difference in the lives of those affected by Alzheimer’s.

Our videos are carefully crafted into three categories.  Simple entertainment music videos, and two additional categories which employ specially designed audio frequencies and light frequencies that can possibly have a profound impact on the brain. By targeting specific brainwaves, our videos can help to improve memory, reduce anxiety, and enhance overall cognitive function.

Watch this TED talk with Professor of Neuroscience, Li-HueiTsai, from the Tsai Laboratory at the Picower Institute, MIT who first researched this novel approach.

How To Use A-Life on the TV with group of senior residents watching
Group of senior residents watching

For example, our videos can help to:

Entertain, improve memory, increase focus and help calm morning stimulation.

Our videos are multi-sensory with spatial sound design that keeps it fun and engaging so all will enjoy watching while eliciting deeper memories. No multilayered plot lines or characters to track to understand the story. Just calming music with engaging audio & video. Plus A-Life is easy to use, so you can start watching or listening to the radio right away. Nothing to learn.

Using A-Life is easy

Senior resident using A-Life at a memory-care center wearing headphones
A-Life is a video channel for those living with Alzheimer’s and for those who want to be active in keeping their memory sharp.

A-Life offers specially enhanced videos and radio.

A-Life is pleasant, fun and engaging with binaural beat technology to sharpen cognition.  No plots or characters just associative imagery with adjusted color temperature and lighting.  No secret sauce just good science

When television starts to become meaningless, it’s time for A-Life. Those that feel their memory is waning or have early onset may also benefit by listening to the Tonal-D and Lightbox videos.

A-Life versus regular television programming is a world of difference.  A-Life has no commercials and no up-volume, no violence or difficult multilayer plots to follow.

We use two different frequencies, one on each channel of a stereo song. The difference  between the two frequencies is what resonates in your brain’s auditory cortex. The resulting frequency produced is an average for Gamma waves at 40 Hz.

Gamma wave’s range from 30 – 80 Hz and is active in your brain when there is  cognitive activity. Studies have shown Alzheimer’s reduces amplitude of 40 Hz brainwaves.

Think of A-Life as entertainment first.  Using a Tonal-D or Lightbox video is a crutch that with an hour a day may possibly have a positive effect.  The science shows it is possible without pharmaceuticals.  A-Life added entertainment to make the session a little more interesting.

Binaural beats are not a cure to Alzheimer’s or any memory-loss. It does not address the root cause of the disease.  It is only temporary with possible positive outcomes.

The site is a Caregiver’s tool and so best suited to make decisions about the use of Tonal-D and Lightbox videos. A-Life versus regular television programming is a world of difference.  A-Life has no commercials and no up-volume editing.  There is also no violence or difficult multilayer plots to follow.  So versus regular television A-Life can be calming through all stages of Alzheimers.  Those that feel their memory is waning may also benefit.
We offer a full refund within 15 days of purchase.

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Proven To Be Effective

Welcome to A-Life Channel, where entertainment meets innovation to bring you an extraordinary blend of research-based audio and video experiences designed to uplift the viewers mind. Immersing them in our meticulously crafted content, showcasing:

1 Binaural Beats: Indulge viewers in the captivating world of two subtly different tones playing in each ear. Your brain syncs these tones into a unified frequency, influencing your mental state for relaxation and heightened focus.

2 Isochronic Tones: Offer the experience to rhythmic resonance of steady tones crafted to impact your brain waves and elevate cognitive function.

3 Visual Entrainment: Elevate the viewers visual journey with Light-Box videos, featuring a subtle frame around our content designed to synchronize brain waves and enhance engagement.

4 Spatial Sound Design: Immerse yourself in a 360-degree sound experience delivered directly to your headphones. Our spatial sound design places you at the center for an unparalleled audio adventure.

5 Neural-Phase Locking: Stay tuned for our upcoming additions, delving into the cutting-edge technique of neural-phase locking. Firing neurons at specific phases unlocks novel dimensions of neural responses and experiences.

Our content is not just about passive viewing – it's about actively experiencing, engaging, and creating calm moments while unlocking memories. Join us on a transformative journey where entertainment seamlessly intertwines with innovation and medical data. Discover the captivating science behind the experience. Elevate your entertainment experience with A-Life Channel.

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02/01/24 – A-Life Channel is open with videos available to watch for home caregivers. We are so happy to make our videos available to empower caregivers.
A-Life Channel Community Radio is <On Air>

A-Life Channel – Home, a Patreon site for individuals to access videos is now open.  We are loading additional videos over the next week.11/30/23
A-Life Channel Community Radio Station is now online.  Free & available to all.
Our new video site is about to open streamlining the log in process along with a great front end for browsing videos.
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We were very happy to find this article that supports our work here at A-Life.  Research using acoustic technology has been going on since 2004.   Some of the relevant studies to A-Life are on our Science page.  A recent article confirms the work of earlier research and has some interesting achievements in their research.  We are posting the link so you may review at your own pace.  The study shows that GENUS ((gamma entrainment using sensory stimuli, or GENUS) worked on mouse models for lowering inflammation and moving neurons to a less degenerative state, improving synaptic function, enhancing neuro-protective factors, and reducing DNA damage in neurons while also reducing inflammatory response in microglia (that regulate neuronal networks and repair injuries).

Article| Volume 102, ISSUE 5, P929-943.e8, June 05, 2019

Gamma Entrainment Binds Higher-Order Brain Regions and Offers Neuroprotection

Open ArchivePublished:May 07, 2019DOI:
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